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How to Choose a Northern Window Supplier

Choosing appropriate windows for a northern residence or commercial building can be a dizzying experience. Functionality, aesthetics, placement, cost, and efficiency are all factors which must be weighed equally. Moreover, window terminology can be daunting and...

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When to DIY, and When to Hire a Contractor

Renovating the family home is a big undertaking filled with lots of different tasks. Some of these projects you may be able to handle on your own, while other endeavors are going to require the skills of a professional contractor. Here's a look at the details of a...

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Project Management Basics: Part 1

Projects come in all shapes and sizes, right? Some are easier, and some are hard. Some you can actually see like a building, while others are intangible like installing software or a process. In either case, regardless of shape and size, there are a few considerations...

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