Quality and commitment never get old.

“Compromise” is a not a word heard around here. Since our doors first opened—first in 1904 as Brown Lumber and 1946 as Northern Lumber Company— we’ve been stubborn about quality. So whether you’re a contractor breaking ground on a spec home or a determined “weekend warrior” building a new deck, we have everything you need— proven expertise, the finest materials, and our personal commitment—to help you build with a confidence and quality that will last for years to come. You have a job to do. We’ll help you do it right. We always have. We always will.

Our people live this stuff.

For many on our team, what we do is more than a job. It’s a way of life. We live and breathe the construction business. Maybe that’s why more contractors trust our products and expertise. And now, more remodelers and do it yourselfers come to us for answers too. We provide honest, helpful advice. We sell only quality products. And we deliver on our commitment to a job well done. We may not have as many aisles as those big box stores. But we know what’s in every aisle. And more importantly, we know how everything works, and how we can make it work better for you.

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