Renovating the family home is a big undertaking filled with lots of different tasks. Some of these projects you may be able to handle on your own, while other endeavors are going to require the skills of a professional contractor. Here’s a look at the details of a home renovation that you can reasonably perform yourself as well as at the aspects that are better suited for a professional contractor.

Time to Call a Pro: Getting Started

Every renovation project should begin with a look at the steps needed to take you from its beginning to its completion. Depending on the scope of your project, your calculations may need to take into consideration electrical, plumbing, or structural components that aren’t going to be so easy to tackle on your own. Get a good idea of what you need to do, how you need to do it, and when it should be undertaken. Speaking with a professional contractor or someone at an architectural firm can help you to craft your renovation plan with a strategy that ensures a triumphant finish for your project.

Realistic DIY Projects – Purchasing Materials

While a contractor may be able to point you in the direction of an outlet offering reasonably priced materials, purchasing your renovation items is undoubtedly a task you can handle. If you know what you want and have precise measurements and quantities in mind, you can pick up flooring, cabinetry, paint, appliances, bathroom fixtures, kitchen hardware, and doors from the location of your choice. Another point to consider is that someone who completes renovations for a living has useful knowledge to share on the performance of certain materials as well as on how to attractively blend your options.

Time to Call a Pro: Structural Repairs

For your safety, you should never do structural repairs yourself. This includes new second story deck, load-bearing walls, and roof. The older your home is, the more likely it is to need structural repairs. Moreover, a professional craftsman can identify any repairs that may be necessary to preserve the integrity of your renovation, avoiding structural work in the future.

Realistic DIY Projects – Light Demolition

If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty and you can handle a few tools, completing some light demolition may be fun for you. While much uncertainty surrounds any demolition, you can usually avoid problems if you go into this type of work slowly. Stick to surface demolition and save everything else for the pros. For example, removing old carpets or moldings is okay for you to do. If you need to knock a wall down, you should wait for your contractor to do it.

Realistic DIY Projects – Light Repairs

If the repair you have in mind is minimal and does not involve electricity, plumbing, or structural components, you should be able to complete it without too much difficulty. For example, replacing deck boards is relatively safe for a homeowner to do. Rewiring an electrical outlet, on the other hand, is not.

Realistic DIY Projects – Cosmetic Finishes

Lots of home repairs and remodeling tasks are simple, giving homeowners the option to complete these chores on their own. For example, you can try your hand at painting a wall, installing door strips, and replacing hinges on your kitchen cabinetry.

Time to Call a Pro: Harmful Substances

You never want to tackle lead-based paint or asbestos. Both of these substances are harmful to your health and require specialized removal. If your light demolition reveals mold, there are DIY kits to test if you’re dealing with black mold – but mold is often a situation to call the pros.

Time to Call a Pro: Utilities

If the task involves gas, electricity, or plumbing, you are going to need a permit to make changes. This type of remodeling requires attention to detail since you must follow local, state, and federal codes. Let the guys with the training handle this for you and avoid unnecessary stress.

Finding Balance

While it never pays to take on a full-scale home renovation on your own, certain projects are certainly easy enough to handle. Before you get your hands dirty, consider consulting a professional contractor to get a better idea of the unexpected problems that can arise while remodeling a room, an outside deck, or an entire house. Doing so gives you the details needed to make an informed decision.

We’ve got a wealth of experience with both DIY projects and area contractors. If you’re still unsure, stop in or talk with us. We can help you choose projects within your skill-set or find a quality local contractor to make your dreams a reality.